02 August 2009

Think neanderthal

Many of you may still be scratching your head asking why I'm telling you to avoid bread (including whole grain) and milk which are in fact two foods we've been eating for ages and consider healthy.

Humans have been around for over 2 million years in some form or another constantly evolving and adapting to our environments and growing more and more intelligent. Since we first appeared, we ate whatever the land provided for us. We hunted our protein and fat sources and foraged for our carbohydrates.

Then about 10,000 years ago, we started to settle down. We learned to build houses for shelter and govern ourselves, but we also learned how to farm. This is what most historians refer to as the agricultural revolution. It no doubt changed our lives for the better, but this was also the time when the domestication of animals and farming of mass amounts of grain began being produced (coinciding with mass amounts consumed). This wasn't all bad, though I'm sure that many suffered some ill effects of gluten intolerance and mild hyperglycema because of a higher percentage of calories from carbs that was quite a shock to our systems.

It wasn't until around 100 years ago that we've been consuming mass amounts of refined and processed soy, corn, and wheat products. It was only around 50 years ago that we discovered how to hydrogenate oil and create transaturated fats. This was when the real issues started.

Let's do some math. If we've been around for 2 million years and farming grains for 10,000 years, we've only been eating them in mass quantities for... one half of one percent of our existence (0.5%)... or not a lot. If we've been around for 2 million years and only started eating processed food products for 100 years, that's only 0.005%... or even less.

So what am I saying? You were made to eat like this guy... not this guy.

*Please check out the new content added to my July 29th posting "What not to eat." *

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