24 November 2009

The Best Of TF

In the last few months, you've gotten to know me and my cynical attitude towards current conventional nutrition wisdom. I must admit, I quite enjoy having a soapbox to preach the word on. I'm coming up on 3,000 visitors in five months, which is something I'm quite proud of and was not expecting at the birth of this humble little blog.

Today, I'd like to compile a list of some of my more informative posts or ones that I am particularly fond of to get newer visitors caught up on some of my crazy ideas.

So... What Am I Doing Wrong? - Why the American diet is the way it is

Eat Food? - What you should be eating

What Not To Eat - I can't believe they actually call this food

Exercise Won't Help? Seriously? - Why exercise is only one piece of the puzzle

Silly Studies
- The food industry at its worst

Now it's your turn
- Like my ideas? Take action and write your Congressmen.

My Humble Endorsement of Crossfit - How you should be working out

Disproportionately Affected
- How the high cost of food is actually affecting us all

Wise Beyond His Years... - The father of this whole dang movement

Enjoy them and come back soon!

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